Physical Education

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At our schools, we recognise the importance of PE, sport and exercise as a life choice.

Children need to learn about the benefits of exercise and healthy eating and how to make informed choices about these as they grow. We aim to inspire and engage children’s lifelong interest in sporting activities through providing a wide range of opportunities within school, after school and within the wider community. Therefore children of all abilities will be encouraged to join clubs and organisations . We will also encourage children to develop their creative and expressive abilities, through improvisation and problem-solving. The teaching and learning of PE focuses of the development and exploration of physical skills which we aim to do through an engaging, purposeful and challenging PE curriculum. Through the variety of opportunities that PE offers children can develop a sense of personal achievement, fair play, teamwork and an understanding of the ways in which sport can promote our Christian values

Through the Government Funding for Sport the School will, where possible, provide opportunities for both pupils and teachers to work with and alongside PE specialists and sports coaches. We will also use this grant to subsidise attendance at externally organised events and ‘taster’ sessions to give all children as wide an experience as possible. Spending will be reviewed and published on the school website.