Our Church

 St. Mary (Walkhampton) plays a key role in the life of West Dartmoor Federation

We worship in the church regularly at different festivals such as Harvest,Easter and Christmas. Children also visit the church during their topic work.

Father Andrew is a regular and popular visitor to our schools, leading Collective Worship weekly. He is also on the Local Governing Board and works with the staff to support them in different aspects of school life including the delivery of Religious Education and PSHE lessons and the Christian ethos of the two schools.

For the key Christian festivals; Harvest, Christmas and Easter, we have distinctive services. Parents and the community are always very welcome to join us for these services. In particular, at Christmas, we hold a very special Christingle and Carols Service. Members of the local churches go into both schools to make the christingles for the service. We are very proud of the singing in our school and the services held in the church are a chance to show off our talents.