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Vixen Tor FS, Y1&Y2

Welcome to Vixen Tor Class



We are a busy and creative class of Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 children.

Welcome to the Summer Term 2022. 



We had a fabulous time at Multi-Skills. 

We tried a variety of sports, basketball, cricket games, tag rugby skills, standing long jump to name but a few. 

Lots of fun was had and everyone made our school proud with our manners, thanking each of the instructors. 


Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Planting seeds to spruce up our garden

Tending the Bug Hotel

Taking care of our garden

 During this term we will be exploring dinosaurs and dragons. 

Using the book Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris, we will be developing our descriptive language as we create our own dragons. We will find out about why Mary Anning is an important historical figure and why we remember her today. And develop our  understanding of animals, through art, science and geography to make links between dinosaurs and animals alive today. 



See what our foundation children have been up to.

Vixen Tor the Explorers

During this week, we have been finding out what is the difference between the Arctic and Antarctica. We have used maps and information books to help us find out. 

Why not ask your Geographical Expert to find out what the difference is? 


The children are using their enquiring minds to ask questions about the world around them. This week, we have discovered food chains within different habitats and we have decided that next week's question we want to find out is why polar bears live in the Arctic and so can't catch penguins to eat. 



Mothering Sunday Afternoon Tea

We have stirred, mixed and baked to create a lovely afternoon tea for our very special mums. 

Hopefully they will enjoy our delicious cakes!

Cricket Fun!

World Book Day - Book Tasting

We had great fun in our Book Tasting session. The children dipped into books in three genres: Traditional Tales, Magical Adventures and Wheels, Wings and Flying Things. We had lots of fabulous chat about books and sharing the love of stories, words and illustrations. 

One of our little people said "I could get lost in this book!" 


We definitely found some books that we would love to look at more and share with our friends. 


We are all excited for our Lady Modiford's Zoo tomorrow! 

Dragon egg watch.

Over the past week's, we have been helping an dragon egg to hatch. 

When we found that he wouldn't hatch in the open air, the children wondered whether the dragon was a sea dragon. The children made a watery nest for the egg and were very excited to see that it began to hatch. 

We used the dragon as a stimulus to help us with our own version of the Tell Me a Dragon unit. 



Meet Squirtle.

Animal Art

Look at our fabulous animal art. We have used a variety of methods to create animals from Africa and Australia. 

We carefully copied the animal fur patterns to then cut out a silhoutte of the animal to stick on top. We are very proud of our work.

African animal art


Using the style of the aboriginal art, we used bright colours and cotton buds to create our fabulous artwork.

Australian animal art

Making the most of the cold.

We have taken advantage of the cold weather to create some fabulous ice sculptures. The foundation children loved searching out objects to hide within the ice and they were very proud of their results. 


Our Ice Sculptures

Nativity 2021


We were more than lucky to be able to perform our Nativity to our parents this year. We made use of our outdoor area to make sure that we could all share this special time together. 

We worked hard to learn our lines and songs to present a fabulous performance - we were very proud of ourselves! 

Some highlights

Autumn Term 2021 Marvellous Me Topic Web

Hello and welcome to our New Starters 2021 


On this page we will try and upload lots of useful resources to help you and your child prepare for starting school. If you have any questions please give us a call or email the class email address.

We are really looking forward to meeting you all properly as soon as we can.

Please see below for some useful documents about getting ready for starting school


Please be aware that the starting school booklet is written with a ‘normal’ school day in mind. As you can appreciate, with the restrictions that have been in place, there are things that we have had to adapt and change. Once we know what September is going to look like, we will of course give you more details. We still wanted to give you this booklet however, so you have a flavour of things to come.


Spring 2021

Happy New Year! I hope all Team Vixen Tor have had a fantastic Christmas!

Each day we shall add a home learning power point. Click below to get started.

Autumn 2020

Welcome to a brand new year in Vixen Tor. We are very excited to be back in class and eager to learn.

This term’s topic is Superheroes and you can find the topic web below.

See what we have been up to…

We picked blackberries from our grounds to bake into Blackberry crumble. We shared the results with our families.

We like to learn inside and outside.

We made Christmas decorations for the tree in the village, sharing our special Christmas wishes for our community.

Home Learning 2020.                                              

On this page, we hope to give you lots of activities and learning to do at home.


As we move forward into our new term of Home Learning, we are going to be providing you with some daily activities. This will follow a similar structure to that of a school day. It is not intended to be followed rigidly as we appreciate that there are lots of other things going on at home. The daily packs will remain on the website so you can access them when you need to.

KS 1 – The pack includes a rainbow tracker that will carry over the week as it would in class. This provides extra little activities linked to the week’s learning and can be dipped into as and when you wish.


Please note: If your child is in the KS1 phonics group, they complete that activity and the Y2 spelling group will complete their activity. It is not intended for all to do both activities.

EYFS – Little and often remains the key.  During the day the children are used to lots of free ‘play’ time – we call it ‘choosing for learning’. Small world play, construction, singing, dancing, play dough, cooking, playing board games, chatting, drawing, making activities and being physically active are all valuable learning opportunities. Don’t underestimate the everyday activities that you do with your children.


We would love to see their efforts so please take a photo and email it to our class icloud account.

Home Learning Packs

Spring Term 2020


This term our topic is Dinosaurs.


We hope to discover about dinosaurs and how we know about them. We will find out about Mary Anning and her findings.

School Motto

Joy, Respect, Wisdom, Love, Hope

School Values

Every child matters to God and every child matters to us

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