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Vixen Tor FS, Y1&Y2

Welcome to Vixen Tor Class



We are a busy and creative class of Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 children.

Welcome to the Summer Term 2023. 


We are looking forward to this term's new learning in Vixen Tor. 

Our new topic is How Does Your Garden Grow?




See what we have been up to . . . 

We had a fabulous trip to Lambing Live! The children loved finding out about the farm and feeding the lambs and sheep in the barn and those out in the field too. 

A great day was had by all!

This week's class prayer. 

This week we have put together a prayer made up of words shared in our lunch-time prayers. 

Each day one of the children in Vixen Tor volunteers to say a prayer before we go to lunch. We often congratulate each other as they share lovely thoughts. 


Dear God, 

Thank you for our lovely lunch. 

Thank you for the bees in the meadows who make the vegetables grow so we can eat them. 

Thank you for the cook who makes our food and our Mums who make our packed lunches. 

Help us to be kind and thoughtful with one another and our families.


World Book Day.

A big thank you to our wonderful Vixen Tor parents for donating some truly scrumptious cakes for our cake sale! 

We really appreciate your support.

They were very tasty too...

Our Year 2 children have started new maths focus on money. We are moving ever closer to a cashless society and often don't use cash at home. If you could find some loose change, it would really help to play shop or ask your child to make different amounts with the coins. 

Every bit of practise would really help. 

Each week the children bring home the next set of phonics or spellings so they can practise at home. Please can you support us by making sure the children can read the sounds and spell the sounds and words.Please don't hesitate to ask if you need more information regarding this.

Our youngest children have been using our new scooter and trikes. They are very good at remembering to pop on their helmets before zooming around. 


We love dancing!

Shrove Tuesday Pancake racing

Can you spot the Gruffalo?

Making Gruffalo Crumble - Foundation have really enjoyed working on their favourite book.

Our Water Lilies paintings inspired by Claude Monet

Science in the Sun

Gruffalo hunting

Y2 Arrays in the classroom

This week, we have been very busy. 

Year 2 have been working on multiplication and making arrays. We are practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

Year 1 working on our numbers to 20 and finding out lots of different ways to represent the number. 

We are turning into fantastic footballers in our PE sessions - stopping with our foot to be much more accurate.


We loved our reading session with Hound Tor - sharing our favourite books with children from a different class.


This week's class prayer.


Dear God, 

We hope that everyone is happy and working hard in their learning. 

We thank you for all the goodness in the world.

We thank you for our school and our friends who are kind and good to each other



Written by Poppy, Marley and Harvey.

Using watercolour pencils

This week's class prayer. 


Help us to be kind and helpful to our friends and our family. Help us to cheer people up with kind words and a friendly smile. 

Please keep us safe and warm in the winter weather. 


 We have been using our shape knowledge to create symmetrical patterns. The children challenged themselves to find as interesting patterns as they could.

We have been working on the book Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave. We wanted to create our own version of the funny story and have come up with fantastic ideas that Mrs Armitage could collect to make her fast scooter ride down the hill into a funny story. 

Our favourite invention was a robot arm that could feed Mrs Armitage ice-cream as she whizzed down the hill, so she wouldn't have to take her hands off the handlebars!


This week's vocabulary word is 'noticed'. Please ask us what the word means.


The snow caused much excitement this week. 

The foundation children were detectives in trying to find out who had visited our garden and left their footprints behind!

Our class prayer was chosen for the newsletter this week and was written by Amy and Sophia.


Dear God

Thank you our special Christmas time when we can share presents and time with our friends and families. We hope that all families can be together soon. 


Our lovely Christingle service

School Nativity

Our Nativity was a success! 

We were amazing, remembering our lines and singing beautifully.

We really loved our families coming for Christmas Craft afternoon.

Our cricket skills are improving!

 This week's class prayer. 


 Dear God, 

 Thank you for our lovely week we have had. Thank you for our special craft afternoon and for spending time with our family. 

Help us to care for our family and friends and keep them warm in the cold weather. 

We ask this in your name


As the weather is sooo cold, we could make some ice sculptures.

This week's class prayer created by one of our foundation children: 


Dear God

Thank you for all our food, for keeping us safe and healthy.



 We have been challenging ourselves to improve our handwriting this week. A letter was sent home so that we can log in to our handwriting scheme at home on a tablet or computer.

Well done to Darcy for bringing in all her hard work to improve her writing!

In our cricket session this week, we have been working on our batting skills - watch out for our fantastic freeze frame photos!

Our Year 1 and 2 children have been busy presenting their knowledge of seasons in to our Geography connector books as we continue to find out how weather affects us. They are enjoying producing their work in a creative way. 

Foundation children have enjoyed creating traps to capture Evil Pea from the Supertato story. They have created their own characters to use in their play finding new adventures for the characters. 

On Monday, to mark the start of Anti-Bullying week, we came dressed in Odd Socks. We talked a lot about how we have chosen different socks to wear - some stripy, some short, some long and some with unicorns on them. We celebrated how we are all different and that's what makes us special!

Our Odd Socks!

The foundation children wanted to share their work on Brown Bear, Brown Bear

We loved our cricket session on Thursday.

Wearing spots and stripes for Children in Need

Weather watch

This week we have started our new Geography learning about how the weather affects us. We have been keeping a weather diary over the last week to see how the weather will change when we reach the end of this term. 

Watch out for any exciting weather so we can talk about it in class!

Remembrance Day

The children worked together to make a commemorative wreath to lay on behalf of the school.

We took it the Memorial Cross in the village to hold our Remembrance Day service. The oldest and youngest child in school laid the wreath together.

Friday Forest School Day

A Maths investigation

 We love our Maths investigations.This is our version of Frogs and Toads - Hats and No Hats!

The object of the task is to end with the Hats sitting where the No Hats are and vice versa. We can slide one chair across or hop over one friend to an empty chair. 

You can try this at home with paper with seven boxes drawn on and 3 10p coins and 3 5p coins. 

Foundation created a Pumpkin Soup display after enjoying the story.

We love our PE sessions

Investigating and learning

Some Highlights from Last Year


We had a fabulous time at Multi-Skills. 

We tried a variety of sports, basketball, cricket games, tag rugby skills, standing long jump to name but a few. 

Lots of fun was had and everyone made our school proud with our manners, thanking each of the instructors. 


Sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Planting seeds to spruce up our garden

Tending the Bug Hotel

Taking care of our garden

 During this term we will be exploring dinosaurs and dragons. 

Using the book Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris, we will be developing our descriptive language as we create our own dragons. We will find out about why Mary Anning is an important historical figure and why we remember her today. And develop our  understanding of animals, through art, science and geography to make links between dinosaurs and animals alive today. 



See what our foundation children have been up to.

Vixen Tor the Explorers

During this week, we have been finding out what is the difference between the Arctic and Antarctica. We have used maps and information books to help us find out. 

Why not ask your Geographical Expert to find out what the difference is? 


The children are using their enquiring minds to ask questions about the world around them. This week, we have discovered food chains within different habitats and we have decided that next week's question we want to find out is why polar bears live in the Arctic and so can't catch penguins to eat. 



Mothering Sunday Afternoon Tea

School Motto

Joy, Respect, Wisdom, Love, Hope

School Values

Every child matters to God and every child matters to us

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