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Welcome to Hound Tor Class!




Hound Tor Topic Web Summer Term

Week Ending 24th June 2022


Wow! What a busy couple of weeks it has been! Last week the children were very busy completing tasks for our assessment week and they have done themselves so proud. They approached the tasks with positivity, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude. This was a great opportunity for them to show our value of 'Wisdom' as well as 'Love' and 'Respect' when supporting one another, and they were rightly proud of all the progress they have made.


A special well done to the Year 4s who have also now completed their Multiplication Table Check. The effort that they have put in both in school and at home to make sure they know their times tables has had a huge impact and will set them in good stead as they move into Year 5. Thank you so very much for the help and support that you have given them at home. 


This week we have been learning all about time. We have learnt how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes (and the nearest minute in Year 4). We have learnt how to use both digital and analogue clocks, and are beginning to use the 24 hour clock. We have also been on a shadow hunt around the school as part of our Science learning on the topic of 'Light'. Here are some questions that you might like to ask your child to support their learning this week:


What are the differences between an analogue and a digital clock?

How can we tell which hand is the minute hand and which hand is the hour hand?

How many minutes are there in one hour?

How many hours are there in one day?

How many days are there in one year?

How can we remember the number of days in each month?

Where will the minute hand be at o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to, and what would the display look like on a digital clock?

What do we mean by am and pm?

How do you tell the time using a 24 hour clock?

How do we see?

What causes shadows?

What do 'transparent', 'translucent' and 'opaque' mean? Can you give examples of objects that have these properties?


I hope that you and your families have a lovely weekend!

Miss Harris



Week Ending 19th May 2022


The children have now had their first swimming session and a wonderful time was had by all! We can't wait to get back in, and hopefully the sun will be shining next time!


This week we have started our new story writing unit based on the book 'Gregory Cool', which is set in Tobago. The children have been role-playing the story and designing tourist information leaflets to encourage people to visit the Caribbean. In Maths, we have now finished our fractions unit (which the children have loved!) and we are beginning to look at decimals. This will continue into next week. 


For parents of children in Year 4, it will really help your child to put in some extra times tables practise over the coming weeks as we have our Times Tables Check coming up in early June. Further details can be found on this week's newsletter but please do contact me if you have any concerns or would like additional information.


With kind regards,

Miss Harris



Learning Questions for this week:


How is life in the Caribbean similar to/different from our lives?

Describe a beach setting using all the senses.

How do we write one tenth as a fraction/as a decimal?

Can you count in tenths starting from 0.1?

What is the difference between weather and climate?

What is the climate like where we live?

What is the climate like in areas near the Equator?






Week Ending 6th May 2022


A big thank you to the 8 children from Hound Tor who (alongside 8 children from Sheepstor) attended the inter-school rounders tournament this week. The children's politeness and sense of teamwork and fair play were all commented upon by teachers from other schools who were involved in the competition. Our coach driver was also very complimentary about the children's behaviour. We would all like to thank the children for being brilliant ambassadors for the school!


Learning Questions for this week


How can I calculate three quarters of 20. Explain why your method works.

If three quarters of a number is 9, what would the whole number be? How do you know?

How can I greet someone in French and ask them how they are? How would you reply when asked how you are?

Y4: What are prepositions? Give an expanded noun phrase that includes a preposition.





Rousseau Display and Wildflower Planting

Week Ending 8th April 2022


It's been another fabulously busy week in Hound Tor! We have been busy rehearsing for the Easter Service and also had great fun on Wednesday afternoon, taking part in wildflower planting out on Walkhampton village green. Everyone got stuck in and we are looking forward to revisiting the area to see the flowers as they grow. A special mention to Isabel and Evie, who represented us by continuing the planting up at Huckworthy Bridge. Thank you very much for giving your own time to do this!


I have attached some photos of our hard work, and also of our Rousseau display which was completed last week. 


May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very happy Easter! Enjoy the break, and we look forward to welcoming the children back for the Summer Term.


Miss Harris 


Questions you might like to ask your children about their learning this week:


In a fraction, what is the mathematical name for the top number/bottom number? What do these numbers tell us?


How do you count in halves up to 20?


What is a mixed number/improper fraction?


How do we know when a fraction is equal to one whole/one half?


What's an easy mental method for finding one quarter?


Explain the parts of an expanded noun phrase. Can you give an example?


What do adverbs do in a sentence? Can you give an example?



Cricket Taster Session March 2022

Week Ending 25th March 2022


This week has been assessment week and Hound Tor have been very busy completing activities in the mornings to show all that they have learnt so far this year. I am delighted by the attitude the children have had whilst completing our assessment activities; they have shown positivity, determination and great pride in their achievements, whilst also being incredibly supportive and encouraging to one another. A real team effort!


We were also lucky enough to have our Cricket Taster Session this week. Hound Tor came back from this absolutely full of beans, and were really keen to share all that they had learnt. The leader of the event commented on how well-behaved and enthusiastic the class were during the session. 


In the afternoons, we have been working very hard on our final Rousseau piece and the work the children have produced is absolutely stunning. I will be creating a display over the coming week and will update the class page with photos so that you can see all the beautiful artwork that your children have created. I will also send photocopies home because the children are so rightly proud of their work!


Finally, I would like to say a huge congratulations to all those children in our class who represented our school so brilliantly at Tavy 13. The whole school community is very proud of you and loved seeing you wearing your medals and talking about the event with such enthusiasm and pride. A really big well done from all of us at Lady Modiford's and thank you for being fabulous ambassadors for our school. 


I hope that you and your families have a lovely weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather that we are having!


Miss Harris


Questions you might like to discuss with your child this week


Recap: What is the difference between perimeter and area? How do we calculate them?


What happens to a number when you multiply/divide by 10, 100, 100? (the children should explain this in terms of digits moving a certain number of places to the left or right, not adding or removing zeros)


What is the difference between formal and informal language? When might you use each?


What five questions would you ask a shark and why? (this leads into our writing next week)






Week Ending 11th March 2022


Wow! What a busy, fun and productive week we have had in Hound Tor! Highlights this week have been performing role-plays based on different characters from our current book, 'Interview with a Tiger' (we particularly liked the giant anteater); we have planned gladiatorial games for the Emperor Hadrian (including presenting our plans to the Emperor, giving reasons why he should use them) and we have created physical classification keys to help us identify trees from their leaves. I am very proud of each and every member of the class for all they have achieved this week!


Questions you might like to discuss with your child about their learning this week:


What does perimeter mean and how do we calculate it? How many rectangles can you draw on blank paper that have a perimeter of 12cm? (these don't have to be to scale: just write what the measurements would be)

Why did the Romans hold gladiatorial events? Try to give three reasons.

Tell me about some of the different types of gladiators. 

Do you think people would go to these events today? Why/why not?

Do you agree with this type of event being used as entertainment? Why/why not?


I hope that you and your families have a lovely weekend,


Miss Harris








Book Tasting (Tuesday 1st March)

Week Ending 4th March 2022


I hope that you and your families enjoyed half term! The children have come back full of beans and have really enjoyed our World Book Day activities, which have carried on throughout the week. A particular highlight was our Book Tasting session on Tuesday, where the children completed a carousel in which they 'tried out' different genres. Some books had the children so engrossed that they didn't want to put them down, whilst others had them in hysterical laughter! 


It was lovely to see the children talking so positively about books and their feelings about reading in general, and we will be ordering many books based on their preferences from the selection they explored. 


Questions/activities for this week:


How many different book genres can you name?

Which genre is your favourite?

Who is your favourite author and why?

What is your favourite book and why?

Which book would you like to buy with your book token? (use following link)


Please may I take this opportunity to thank you for supporting your child in creating their World Book Day costume this week. I am really looking forward to seeing our very own Hound Tor zoo tomorrow!


Miss Harris





Week Ending 3rd February 2022


I have been absolutely delighted by the children's responses to our questions of the week from last week. Giving them the opportunity to share and articulate all that they have learnt has really boosted confidence and helped to embed learning so that it sticks! The children's attitude towards this has been so positive, and the little notes/drawings/calculations have been a joy to see. Thank you for all your help in doing this with them!


This week we have been using our knowledge of sentence types to write our first information page (about sharks). We have also learnt that it is important to use development sentences, rather than changing topic each time we write a new sentence. 


In Maths, we have started our new unit on measurement and have focussed on measuring in centimetres and millimetres, and converting between the two. Tomorrow we will begin learning about metres and will be measuring and making half size versions of ourselves!


In our topic work, we have looked at a postcard sent in 100 AD by a lady called Claudia Severa, and we have written our own replies. It was an invite to a party and we tried hard to use the same style of writing. This was quite tricky! We have also started looking at classification keys in Science to help us identify different types of animals. Next week we will be creating our own using liquorice allsorts!


The questions you might like to ask this week are:


How many mm are there in a cm?

How many cm are there in 1m?

A pencil is 12cm long. How many mm is that?

Which unit would you use to measure an ant/door/water bottle/house? (mm,cm,m) Why would you not use the others?


What development sentence/s would you add after this?

Sharks consume their food in a variety of ways.


Why were the Roman Army able to defeat Boudica's, even though her army was much larger?


Have a lovely weekend and thank you again for supporting your children with last week's questions, 


Miss Harris



Week Ending 28th January 2022


This week the children in Hound Tor have been busy learning all about different sentence types, in preparation for the writing of our animal information page next week. We have learnt the following:


Simple sentences must have a noun and a verb.

Compound sentences must include two main clauses, joined by a co-ordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or yet, so).

Complex sentences have a main and a subordinate clause. The subordinate clause must start with a subordinating conjunction (if, while, although, unless, as). Main clauses make sense on their own; however, subordinate clauses rely on the main clause to make sense. 


In Maths, we have been continuing our work on short division and it has been brilliant to see the children making use of the times tables facts that they are working so hard to learn, both at school and at home.


We have also revised animal classification including invertebrates and vertebrates (mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish) and have been introduced to different depictions of Boudicca. We thought she looked like quite a formidable lady, and created wanted posters with our own interpretations of what she might have looked like. 


Questions you might like to ask your child about their learning this week:


(When reading with them) What type of sentence is that? How do you know? What is the noun/verb in that sentence? Are there any adjectives describing the noun? Can you spot any adverbs that tell you more about the verb? Are there any conjunctions? 


Explain the difference between a simple and compound sentence.


Explain the difference between a compound and complex sentence.


Name 4 co-ordinating conjunctions/ subordinating conjunctions.


Why did the Romans invade Britain?


Why did Boudicca start a rebellion against the Romans?



I hope that you and your families have a lovely weekend. 


Miss Harris 














                                                                                                                        Spring Term 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,  


I hope that you and your families had an enjoyable Christmas break and I wish you all a very happy 2022!


Below is a link to our Spring Term Topic web so that you can see the key areas of learning that we will be covering this term. The children are already very excited about learning about the Romans! 


Here are a few reminders and some additional information that I hope you will find useful in supporting your child during their time in Year 3/4:



Reading regularly at home can make a huge difference to children’s confidence and progress. Please aim to read with your child (or, if they are a free reader, for them to read independently) for 15 minutes, five times a week. Please make sure that this is recorded in your child’s reading record, and that these are in school every day so that I can keep track of the range of books your child is reading and can offer support where necessary. The children should be selecting and reading a range of fiction and non-fiction to improve their familiarity with different text types. 


Some of the children are writing in their own reading records, and including their responses to their current book. This is something I would like to actively encourage, to develop a sense of ownership of their growth as readers.

Please also support your child in learning their weekly spellings. These are sent out every Monday and we have an informal test every Friday. You will also find the Year 3/4 statutory spelling list on the class page.



Knowing the times tables and being able to recall them rapidly (without having to work them out) underpins a great deal of the Maths curriculum and can impact progress significantly. The key curriculum objectives for each year group are as follows: 

Year 3

Count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10.  Recall and use all doubles to 10 and corresponding halves.

Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables, including recognising odd and even numbers.

Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables.

Year 4

Recall and use multiplication and division facts for all times tables up to 12x12

In the Summer term, year 4 children will complete the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check (MTC), which has been introduced by the Department for Education. This a formal test using an on-screen check (on a computer or a tablet), where the children will have to answer multiplication questions against the clock. The test will last no longer than 5 minutes and the children will have 6 seconds to answer each question in a series of 25. You may find the information regarding this test helpful:

To support both year groups in their times tables practise, we use  in school. The children have personal logins and are used to signing in and using this website. Ideally, they should be practising at least 3 times a week. You may also find the following websites helpful: 

Maths Games for KS2: designed by a teacher for teachers - Mathsframe (Y4 This gives the children a set of 25 questions with a time limit of 6 seconds to answer each question)



Our PE afternoon with District Sports continues to take place on a Wednesday. Please send your child to school in their PE kit and make sure that jewellery and earrings have been removed.


Homework expectations 

As outlined above, we expect the children to be reading at home 5 times a week and recording this in their reading record books, as well practising their weekly spellings and their times tables. Occasionally, if your child needs to consolidate a specific skill, I may send home short activities that you may like to complete with them. Should this be the case, I will aim to discuss this with you at home time, where possible.


Finally, thank you sincerely for your continued support in helping your child achieve their very best. Should you have any questions or concerns at any point during the year, or should you wish to let me know something pertaining to your child, please contact me at


With kind regards,



Miss Donna Harris


Hound Tor Autumn Term Topic Web

Alternatively you can use the maths PowerPoint downloadable each day.

Autumn Term 2020
We’re looking forward to a busy term, please find the new term letter and topic web below:

Spring Term 2020


Welcome to the Spring Term! Here are the plans for this coming term, plus a homework grid and some other useful information.

Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to the Autumn Term. Please have a look below for the topic web for the term and homework plan.

Summer Term 2019

Welcome to the final term of the school year. Please have a look at the topic web for the term and the homework plan and let me know if you’d like anything adding.

Spring Term 2019

Pancake Day

Please read some of the Year 4 recounts of our Pancake Day races.

We’re looking forward to a busy term, starting with the unearthing of the time capsule on Friday 11th January. Please join us at 2pm and afterwards for a cup of tea!

Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to Hound Tor’s page.
I’ve put the homework topics and curriculum outline on here plus a letter explaining about PE, spellings and what happens on a Friday.
Our topic this term is ‘Rivers’ and we are going on our first walk on Thursday 20th September.
If you have any questions at all, please pop in and see me after school.

Spring Term 2018 

We’ve had another busy term including a fabulous day out in Exeter. Despite the weather, we managed to walk around the Roman City Walls and found out more about Exeter Cathedral.

Autumn Term 2017 

We’ve had a very busy start to the new school year, from finding out about Snaily House when we went on our walk around Bellever, to searching out the Bronze Age settlements near our school. We’ve packed a lot in and here are a few pictures for you to enjoy:

Year 3 have also had the chance to try out some new skills in Tavistock at their multi-skills event.

Spring Term


The term ended with a very enjoyable Easter Service at St. Mary’s. Well done to all the children who took part. The singing was beautiful and Hound Tor did a fabulous job of re-telling the Easter story. It was clear that the children had put in a lot of hard work to learn their lines and speak slowly and clearly, and the audience appreciated the huge effort they made.

We’ve had two cricket coaching sessions from Alex and we look forward to continuing that in the summer term. Our batting and fielding skills have definitely improved.


Hound Tor Paignton Zoo Trip
We had a fabulous day out on Tuesday 8th March when we joined Mr Parkin’s class from Meavy and spent the day at Paignton Zoo. There was so much to see and do, we had no difficulty filling the five hours we were there.

The drizzle and grey skies failed to dampen our enthusiasm and we have such fantastic memories of the day, whether we were jumping out of our skin when the saltwater crocodile lunged at us, gazing up at the roaring lion or being entertained by the delightful orangutan mother and baby.

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