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Welcome to Hound Tor !




Welcome back! 

On this page you will find our Topic Web to see what the children are learning, and updates on what we have been up to. 

This half term our topic is geography, where we are exploring Mountains and why they are important. 


Please remember to keep reading regularly and to practice spellings and times tables at home. The children bring home their reading books and reading records each day, so reading at home for at least 15 minutes a day is incredibly helpful. All children also have access to Times Tables Rockstars, which is a great way to practice times tables at home!


Other important information:

-  Spellings are given on a Monday and tested on a Friday. 

-  PE is on a Wednesday afternoon.


Miss Robertson 

This week's spellings - 15.05.23


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Topic Web - Summer Term 23

Topic Web - Spring 2023

Week ending 3/2/23


This week we've been busy planning and drafting our stories based on The Day the Crayons Quit. There are some fantastic and very funny complaint letters written from the perspective of lots of different objects, and I'm super excited to see the little books the children create next week!


We also had a lovely art session this week. We used oil pastels to create a rainbow background and 6B pencils to draw a tree silhouette. It was amazing to see how quiet we all became when we were focusing - it was such a calm atmosphere and I'm really impressed with all of their final pieces!

Week ending 16/12/22


What a busy, wintery week we have had! Snow, ice and lots of festivities has meant our week has looked quite different. 

Our Nativity on Tuesday was absolutely amazing. ALL the children did a wonderful job, whether they were narrators, innkeepers, shepherds or singers. They should all be super proud of themselves!



We also had our Christingle service on Thursday. We spent the afternoon making our Christingles (Thank you Mary and Scott!) and then brought them to the memorial hall for the service. The children were great at remembering all the different components and what they represented. 



Alongside all this Christmas madness, the children have been writing up their Mimi and the Mountain Dragon stories. I am very proud of all of them for creating their own stories using their imagination for their monsters, dragons, creatures, zombies etc., they are brilliant! 

Week ending 9/12/22


It's been a busy week for Hound Tor! We have had lots of nativity rehearsal, cricket, and a wonderful Christmas craft afternoon on Thursday. 

For our Christmas craft afternoon we drew, cut out and decorated some tree decorations in the shape of stockings, baubles and stars. There was ribbon, tape and stickers everywhere but it was so lovely to have so many parents and families join us for the festive fun! We also had a special visit from Santa who kindly gifted all the children with a candy cane. 



In science this week, we conducted an investigation into which magnet was the strongest. We had lots of different magnets to test by creating paperclip chains and seeing how many each magnet could hold. A lot of us were right in our prediction that the big horseshoe magnet would be the strongest - holding 11 paperclips in a chain!



This week's class prayer:

This week Hound Tor created advent prayers, where they chose to pray for Ukraine. 

Dear God, 

Please help Ukraine to go back to how it used to be for the families from there. We think of them every day. 


Week ending 25/11/22


Hound Tor have been great this week, really showing their perseverance towards some of our assessments.

They've also been getting on with some great learning. In history, we have been focusing on how Anglo-Saxons converted from Paganism to Christianity. We really enjoyed learning about the three main saints and what they did!

In science, we have moved on to looking at magnets and the materials that are attracted to them. If you can, have a look around your homes and test different objects and let me know if you found any magnetic materials and what they were. 


In art this week, the children have drawn some lovely pictures based on observations and photographs. Have a look at some proud children and their art work...

This week's class prayer

Dear God, 

Thank you for our friends and when our friends are worried we will do our best to help them.



Week ending 18/11/22


We have had quite a busy week! We've had odd socks day, cricket in the rain and Children in Need!


In English we have been looking at Mimi and the Mountain Dragon. We made a conscience alley, with opposite sides giving reasons to and reasons not to keep the baby dragon Mimi found. We then wrote from the perspective of Mimi, deciding what she should do.


We have also been learning to write speech and now have a very catchy inverted commas song stuck in our heads!


Earlier this week we conducted a science experiment testing friction. We used a toy car to test how far it travelled on different surfaces. We found that they travel further on smoother surfaces, especially tables!


Remembrance Day

Week Ending 11/11/22


In maths this week we've been doing addition and subtraction and some of us have been focusing on adding and subtracting across 10s. The children have been great and practiced really hard. Some have even challenged themselves further! 


We started our Anglo-Saxons topic this week and the children are really enjoying it so far. This week we were investigating clues as to why the Anglo-Saxons might have invaded Britain. 




Cadover River Walk

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